Starting on 01/01/2015, ATUNSA does not permit aboard its vessels the practice of deploying FADs that are of Highest Entanglement Risk as defined in the 2013 ISSF Guide for Non-entangling FADS. In  order to achieve this, construction of new FADs to be deployed by the Company’s vessels adheres to the following:


1.     If netting is used, it is only of small mesh (less than 7cm stretched mesh).

2.     If the raft is covered, it should generally be with shade cloth or canvas.  If small mesh netting is used, it must be tightly wrapped around the raft with no loose netting hanging from it.

3.     The subsurface (hanging) structure should generally be made with ropes, canvas, nylon sheets or other non-entangling materials.  If small mesh netting is used, it must be tightly tied into bundles (“sausages”), or in a panel that is weighted so as to keep it taut.


This policy is posted on the Company website  and visibly onboard every tuna fishing vessel in the ATUNSA fleet in all languages commonly spoken onboard.


This policy was adopted on 01-JANUARY 2015.